• Teacher: Mr. John Van Dam

    1. A Google classroom has been set up for the AP Lit.class.  Please sign in as soon as possible, as an acknowledgment of receiving and reading this email.  The sign-in code is b65igjh (two of you have signed in already!)
    2. The summer reading assignments have been posted on the high school website homepage and will be reposted in the classroom.  As you read each work be sure to take AP level notes.  Of course, note the content and concepts that you find "test-worthy", but also include comments and insights that reflect your understanding of the author's "craft" (Foster will help you with this idea).  Annotations (your notes) must be kept as a journal or a set of notes that will be due on the first day of class.
    3. I will be running a workshop this summer to assist you with getting a head start on your AP Literature and Composition course.  Because a successful test score in this class can earn you college credit (and save you money), it is important to make the most out of any opportunity to optimize your chances for success.  Participation in the workshop is voluntary, but being familiar with the concepts covered will be essential to a successful start to the school year in this class.
    The workshop is an introduction to the AP Lit. exam and will run virtually for five mornings, Monday July 27 through Friday July 31. Each class will start at 9 am and be approximately two hours long.   Over the course of the week we will delineate the exam and become familiar with each of the four tested components.  Students will become familiar with the question types, the exam rubrics, task weighting, and will have experience preparing and grading writing samples.   Each daily session will involve virtual face to face communication, as well as writing and teacher feedback.  I would encourage each student to reread F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" in preparation for this workshop.  I will be using this text as the cornerstone piece of literature in our online studies. 
    4. The first Google Classroom question (due 6/26) will ask you about the date and time of the AP Lit. workshop (I have some flexibility in the dates and times so if we can reach a consensus that is best for the most...).  Please be sure to respond to this classroom question.
    Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!