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    Junior Aviator Parents/Guardians,

    We are extremely proud of our Junior Aviators as they are off to an amazing start to digital learning!  We certainly miss seeing our students every day!

    Our teachers have been doing an outstanding job of keeping their virtual classrooms much like their real-life classrooms, and that has been the key to maintaining as much normalcy as possible.  For example, if you pop into a Social Studies Google Classroom, you will see the teacher still starts the class period with the "Today in history....." fun fact to get the class started.  Other examples of fun procedural things such as the "Math joke of the day" or wishing a student Happy Birthday within the Google Classroom helps make the students feel normal because that is what is done on a regular basis in their respective classrooms at school.  

    Most importantly, the teachers are truly doing their absolute best to provide instruction with meaningful learning activities that mimic what they normally do inside of their physical classrooms each day.  

    The Friday Folder is still being sent to the students, parents, and staff members each week, which again, provides that sense of routine for everyone.  Many of the parents and students say that they look forward to the fun pictures and 80’s references.  

    The Junior Aviators also keep their “Spirit Week” from March 16th to 20th.  Even though we were virtually learning, students still dressed up in the theme of the day.  Every student definitely dressed up for pajama day!

    The Phys. Ed Department has initiated the "Burpee Challenge" which is an exercise that is done during PE class.  The students have been recording the burpee exercise in their fitness logs that they are keeping as part of their PE class.  The PE teachers then challenged Mr. Mastro and Mr. D'Amico to compete against each other on who does the best burpee. Video footage was recorded and the PE staff used it as part of their Google Classroom activities the following school day.  The students had the chance to vote on which Principal did the best burpee as part of their Do Now in PE class and they had a lot of fun with it. The burpee challenge has grown and now the teachers are challenging each other! It has helped keep things "light" and everyone's mind on something other than the uneasiness of not being at school.

    Also, our support staff, main office, counselors, child study team, nurses, and technology have been working closely with the students each day to help them navigate the virtual learning environment.  We are proud of all the amazing work at the Middle School by our staff and students!

    We can't possibly put into words how proud we are of our students and staff.  They have all been positive and productive each day and working together to continue teaching and learning.  There are obvious struggles, but we will continue to work through them during this challenging time.


    Please review the information that was sent out to parents in March.

    As you know, we have been preparing for impacts from COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  As part of our preparation, we have been closely monitoring the directives and updates issued by the state and local government and public health officials.  At this time, we have been directed to close our school buildings and cancel all extracurricular activities until further notice. 

    Dr. Helfant has articulated in his previous correspondence to parents that we will be conducting “virtual school days” while school is closed. This means that we will be conducting classes digitally via Google Classroom. In preparation for this closure, our teachers have been practicing using Google to conduct virtual lessons. We are fully prepared to continue to provide a quality educational experience to your children throughout this time. 

    Following the guidance from the NJ Department of Education, the following criteria have been established in order for these days to count toward our 180-day school year requirement:


    • 4 hours of instruction with meaningful learning activities to take place utilizing the following schedule:


    PERIOD 1 - 7:55-8:33 AM

    PERIOD 2 - 8:36-9:06 AM

    PERIOD 3 - 9:09-9:39 AM 

    PERIOD 4 - 9:42-10:12 AM

    PERIOD 5 - 10:15-10:45 AM

    PERIOD 6 - 10:48-11:18 AM

    PERIOD 7 - 11:21-11:51 AM

    PERIOD 8 - 11:54-12:24 PM

    *Students MUST log into their Google Classroom for each period following the schedule above. Teachers will be taking attendance each period and logging it into Genesis.  Students not logged in will not receive credit for the class period/school day.  

    *Please note: All students must log in to Google using their school credentials (hhschools.org) in order to access the virtual school day.

    If your child is going to be absent, please email masonlis@hhschools.org, behrcat@hhschools.org, and mastropietroj@hhschools.org

    As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions.


    Mr. Mastropietro



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