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    February 10th - Team Day

    February 21st to 25th - Winter Break



    Mr. Joseph Mastropietro- Middle School Principal                     (201) 288-1218

    Mr. Frank D’Amico- Middle School Vice-Principal                      (201) 338-8815

    Mrs. Lisa Mason- Main Office/Attendance                                 (201) 393‐8170

    Mrs. Cathy Behr- Clerical/ Main Office                                       (201) 338-8169

    Main Office Fax #‐                                                                      (201) 288‐2083

    Mrs. Mary Neumann/Mrs. Rita Perdomo- School Nurse            (201) 393‐8160

    Guidance- Mrs. Lindsey Gesell Grades 6-8 (A-L)                     (201) 393-8167

    Guidance- Mrs. Kerrie O’Hagan Grades 6-8 (M-Z)                    (201) 393-8156

    Special Services Department                                                     (201) 393‐8151

    CST- Ms. Angela Gallina (Grades 6 &7)                                     (201) 393-8368

    CST- Ms. Dawn Johnson (Grade 8)                                            (201) 338-8818

    SAC‐ Mrs. Barbara Christianson                                                 (201) 288‐1426


    MIDDLE SCHOOL GOALS: 2021-2022

    Goal #1

    Throughout the 2021- 2022 SY, high-quality assessments will be used to evaluate student progress based on the curriculum & standards taught to prepare students for

    High School.  This will be measured by the collection of SGOs, marking period summative assessments, and common assessments.  Throughout the 2021- 2022 school year, all assessments will include the standards being assessed.  Common Assessments will be tracked on Google Sheets.

    1)  Marking period assessments with standards in all subject areas

    2)  LinkIt Benchmark Assessment

    3)  Data Sheets including IXL (Math), Social Studies Writing, Science

    Writing, Language Art Writing and Vocabulary

    4)  SGO’s with standards and student grouping/results

    5)  Lesson plans weekly in Google Teacher Folders


    Goal  #2

    The Middle School will be focused on student growth in all content areas with a strong focus on

    ELA and Mathematics.

    1)  Student Growth measured by LinkIt, SchoolWide, IXL, and Go Math

    2)  Implementation of SchoolWide and IXL to all students

    3)  Restructuring of ELA and Math Courses aligned with curriculum

    4)  Continued Planning with Grade Level and Department (vertical and horizontal articulation)


    Goal  #3

    The Middle School will continue the high level of communication with all of the community stakeholders during this unprecedented time.

    1)   Friday Folders updates weekly

    2)   Guidance Middle Years Newsletters

    3)   Opening of School (Summer Reading/Supply List/Orientation/Handbook/Schedules/Drop off procedures/Opening Day Letter/Opening Day Assurance Sheet/Class Syllabi/Back to School Night/Title 1 Night (Virtual)/Extra Help Schedule/Important Policies)

    4)   Middle School news information & articles in the town electronic newspaper (TapInto)

    involving academics, clubs, and activities.

    5)   School events including Middle School Play/Geography Bee/Spelling Bee/Beta Induction/Book Fair/Concerts/Field Trips/Field Day/Dances/PI Day/Read Across America Celebration/Junior Aviator Nights

    6)   Teacher Meetings including I&RS, Team Meetings, IEP meetings, ELL meetings, and 504 meetings, Department Meetings, ScIP meetings, School Safety Team Meetings, parent information meetings, and individual teacher meetings.

    7)   Staff reaching out to parents and students (email/phone call) including assisting struggling students, positive message of the week, or any other positive communication.

    8)   Meetings (in-person/virtual) with parents and students as needed.

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