• Frequently Asked Questions


    Why does Hasbrouck Heights decide to close school while other districts in the county or state decide not to close?

    The decision to open or close school is a district decision. Our top priority is the students' safety.


    Who decides to close schools, open them late, or dismiss them early?

    The superintendent of schools is authorized by the Board of Education to close schools, open them late, or dismiss them early in hazardous weather or in extraordinary circumstances which might endanger the health or safety of pupils or school employees. Please know these decisions are based on consultations with the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department, Hasbrouck Heights Department of Public Works, and neighboring School Districts. Consideration of all relevant factors including: road conditions, weather forecasts, building facilities maitenance.


    What happens should the district close school beyond the 3 built in Snow Days?

    The District does build in 3 snow days built into the calendar. Should we not use any days, there are days identified in May and June that we will have off from school. Although this seldom occurs, should the district go beyond the 3 days built in we will need to attend school during part of the April break. The students are required to attend 180 days of school before students may graduate.


    Why do we start at 10:00 (MSHS) 10:10 (Elementary School) on delayed openings?

    Students are required to attend school for at least 4 hours, not including lunch, for the day to count as an official school day towards the required 180 days. With that said the Elementary School lunch is 1 hour, so students are required to be in school for 5 hours.