Hasbrouck Heights Middle School sends out a School Climate Survey is sent out once per year by our Anti-Bullying Coordinator. Students, parents, and staff members all receive their own survey. The results of the survey are shared with members of the School Safety Team. Questions on the survey include information about how the students, teachers, and staff feel about the overall school environment, with regards to climate and safety. This data is also used to implement future programs and initiatives. Hasbrouck Heights Middle School offers harassment, intimidation, and bullying training for staff, students and parents. We strive to be proactive to teaching social skills and citizenship to our students by engaging them in various character education activities, such as the “Week of Respect.” This week consists of themes and lessons dedicated to respect, tolerance, and acceptance of others. We have implemented “Character MVP” Cards” to recognize students who display a random act of kindness, set a good example for their peers, or simply do the right thing. While we value a tangible recognition of character, our hope is that by setting positive examples of good character, our students will learn to do the right thing when no one is watching.