• T.R.E.P.S.

  • Advisors: Melissa Gyenes
    Lori Bothe

  • GyenesMel@HHSchools.org

  • The T.R.E.P.S. Club of Euclid School starts after the new year and runs till March.  Fourth and fifth-grade students from Euclid School are allowed to join the T.R.E.P.S. Club.  This club runs for 10 Wednesday mornings straight in Mrs. Gyenes' classroom. In this club, students learn how to become young entrepreneurs and run their own businesses. At the meetings, students are guided in ways to help them pick an item to sell, how to price it correctly, how to present and price it, and how to be in competition with other sellers.  The goal of this club is to pick an item to sell and create it. Students are taught how to get a profit from their items.  The sale takes place at Euclid Market Place in the school gym during Achievement/Young Author's Night.  Students usually find themselves making a nice profit and selling a lot of items if they follow the clubs tips.  At the last meeting, the students and advisors discuss successes and if there were some unsuccessful sellers what they could change in the future.  This is usually a large club and students seem to really enjoy it!