• Student Council


  • Advisors: Melissa Gyenes
    Lisamarie Crabbe


  • GyenesMel@HHSchools.org

  • The Euclid School Student Council has meetings 1 Thursday morning a month at 7:50 AM in Mrs. Gyenes' room. Two Student Council representatives are picked from each 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade homeroom. If a student is interested in being a representative they are asked to write down reasons why they would be a good person for the position and then students are able to vote for a candidate of their choice. Student Council representatives are asked to help with different community fundraisers and projects. Some of the events are the yearly food drive which helps Hasbrouck Heights residents in need, a toy drives around the holidays which helps children living in a local shelter and Pennies for Patients where the money is donated to research for childhood leukemia and lymphoma. Last year over $1,000 was collected during the Pennies for Patients drive making Euclid School a top earning school.