• Conjunctivitis(Pink-eye)

    Children who have pink or red eyes with white or yellow discharge often with matted eyelids after sleep and eye pain or redness of the eyelids or skin surrounding the eye may have Purulent Conjunctivitis. They should be excluded from school while symptomatic or until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment. A medical note is required to return to school.

    Medication Policy

    The certified school nurse and the student's parents/guardians are the only ones permitted to administer medication in New Jersey schools. The parent/guardian must have the doctor complete the district's Physician's Order for Medication” (please see the medication section). No over-the-counter medication will be administered without a physician's written order. 

    Emergency Care

    A comprehensive health service is provided in accordance with state law and the Board of Education policy. In case of an accident or illness in school, parents/guardians are notified of the health emergency so that the child may be taken home or to a physician. The school cannot provide transportation. In extreme emergencies, the local First Aid Squad will be called.

    Health Screenings

    During the school year each student will be seen by the school nurse for the following appraisals: height and weight, vision, hearing a blood pressure screening(see for for grade level specifics). Notices will be sent to parents by the nurse, should health problems be found. The school nurse will be provided a scoliosis check on all children, every other year, who are 10 years of age or older.


    Please have your physician complete a physical form if your child had a physical examination.

    Physical Exams

    Are needed for all new students or if you are registering for your child. Physical examinations are performed in kindergarten, 4th, 7th, 11th grade. 

    Dental Exams

    If your child had a visit to the dentist, please have them complete the dental form. 

    Change in Health Status/Medications

    Please notify your child's school nurse when there is a change in your child's health status, or if a medication has been added, deleted, or changed to your child's treatment plan. It is important for the school nurse to have this information should an emergency occur at school. In addition, such changes are important for the school nurse to be aware of, for the proper assessment and care of your child should they become ill at school or display any side effects of medication.

    Immunization Requirements

    Immunizations are mandatory for school entrance/attendance in the State of New Jersey and proper documentation of these immunizations must be provided to the school nurse. Please see the immunization page for an age appropriate guideline.