• Golf Club

  • Advisor: TBD

  • TBD

  • The middle school golf club will serve to introduce 8th grade boys and girls to the fundamentals of golf from learning the technique of golf swing to knowledge of equipment to the rules and etiquette of golf. Included in that will be some history of the game itself both nationally and locally. Members will be given basic instruction in all aspects of the golf swing and the proper use of club selection. The club advisor anticipates that students will be able to do some swing work indoors with a practice net and simulator set up. Also anticipated will be to schedule several "meetings" at a local practice range where students can actually practice under the advisor's supervision and instruction. Additionally, the golf club will serve as a "feeder" for the varsity program at the high school for students that wish to pursue golf at that level.
    Another aspect of the club will be to introduce 8th graders to the potential part time student jobs in the golf industry--primarily working as a caddie at one of the many local country clubs in Bergen County, or even working at a country club as a bag room assistant. The club advisor will provide instruction in the basics of caddying and will help in networking members with local clubs and official caddy training opportunities in the early spring.