• Speech/Language Services

    Speech/language services are provided to students who qualify by a certifies speech/language therapist.  Based on student need services can be provided either individually or in small groups for remediation of anything from significant articulations errors to language and pragmatics.  To qualify students must meet the criteria as outlined in NJ6A-14. Our Speech-Language Specialists in the district provide a number of direct services to our students:
    • Evaluate students for eligibility for special education

    • Identify students with speech and language disorders

    • Provide direct intervention to students using a continuum of service-delivery options

    • Re-evaluate students to determine whether continued services are warranted


    Eligible students receive speech and language therapy services to meet individual needs in the following areas:


    • Articulation-the production of speech sounds

    • Language-the ability to understand language and the ability to use nonverbal and verbal communication skills

    • Voice-the ability to use appropriate rate, volume, and tone of voice

    • Fluency-the ability to produce smooth and flowing speech