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Office of the Superintendent

Dr. Matthew Helfant, Superintendent of Schools

 HEIGHTS: Where Tradition & Innovation Take Flight!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hasbrouck Heights School District is to focus on student

development within a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline,

motivation, and excellence in learning.

Vision Statements


Hasbrouck Heights School District believes that learning is measured by the integrity

and achievement of its students.

Students will become independent and self-sufficient citizens, who will succeed and contribute

responsibly in a global society.

Students will be accountable for their work and behavior.

Students will take pride in their school and community.

Students will have mutual respect for the different learning styles, strengths, needs and

challenges of others.

Students will be actively engaged in the learning process through diversified classroom

activities that challenge all learners.

Students will be 21st century, college and career ready.


The Hasbrouck Heights School District believes in the value of a diverse community

and is actively involved in efforts to promote and create partnerships that celebrate the

qualities and individuals that make our community unique.

Parents/guardians are actively involved in all aspects of the educational process.

Community service promotes effective partnerships with community stakeholders.

District and local government connections are apparent through various collaborative efforts.

The district establishes effective relationships with various educational institutions.

HEIGHTS: Where Tradition & Innovation Take Flight!


The Hasbrouck Heights School District believes that technology plays an integral role

in improving the quality of instruction and supports learning by providing students and

staff with the tools necessary to affect the mission of the district.

District enhances student learning through the use of technology tools.

Students will learn effective communication, research, presentation, and personal productivity

skills through the effective application of technology.

Students will use digital tools to access, manage, evaluate, and synthesize information in order

to solve problems individually and collaborate to create and communicate knowledge.

Students will develop an understanding of the nature and impact of technology as they relate

to the individual and a global society.


The Hasbrouck Heights School District will provide each student with a diverse

education, aligned with New Jersey Core Content Curriculum and Common Core


The curriculum reflects the District’s commitment to innovation, continuous improvement, and


The teachers will maintain the curriculum to reflect changes in standards in order to meet the

instructional needs of students.

The curriculum provides students with the tools necessary to become 21st Century College and

Career ready.

The district will provide ongoing professional development to support the effectiveness of the

curriculum and to strengthen instruction.

The curriculum cultivates active student learning.

General Goals:

Goal 1

Students in grades 4 and 6 will participate in the 1:1 technology initiative during the 2017-2018 school year. Each student and teacher will be provided with a Chromebook and receive instruction in Google Apps for Education. A Google Apps for Education Skills Survey will be administered three times during the academic year; once in the beginning, middle, and end (April).

Goal 2

During the 2017-2018SY, the Superintendent in collaboration with administrators and staff will develop a mental health committee. The purpose of the committee will be to identify supports for students, identify data collection strategies, and develop ways to communicate student needs throughout the district to ensure students who need supports receive them.

Goal 3

During the 2017-2018SY, the Superintendent in collaboration with administrators and staff will initiate a Parent Academy. At least 4 evening programs will be offered to parents to learn about school initiatives, technology, and/or current issues and trends in education.





School Performance Report

PARCC 2018 presentation

School Safety Data presentation



Superintendent Report


Board of Education:: 201-288-6150 Euclid: 201-393-8176 Lincoln: 201-393-8182 Middle School: 201-393-8170 High School: 201-393-8190