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Hasbrouck Heights School District
Dept. of Special Services
365 Boulevard

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604

Department of Special Services Friday Folder Archive

 Main number for all schools: 201-288-6150  


Dr. Matthew Helfant 201-393-8191

Supervisor of Special Services

Janine Gribbin 201-639-6901

Administrative Assistants

Julie Canavatchel 201-393-8151

Lucy Gomez 201-393-8150

Child Study Team

Lincoln School
Katie Baptista        School Social Worker          201-393-8185

Euclid School
Maria Philp                School Psychologist         201-393-8360

Middle School
(Grades 6 & 7)
           Dawn Johnson          School Social Worker              201-393-8368 
Middle School/High School  
 (Grades 8-12)   

  Suzanne Gallo (A-G)              LDTC                               201-338-8818 

Lisa Ciraco (H-O)            School Psychologist                201-393-8158

     Linda Pizzute (P-Z)               LDTC                             201-393-8153

Upcoming Events 

 Tuesday December 5thPositive Parenting - SBJC.PDF  

 Wednesday December 6th Transition to College for Studenst with Disabilities Transition.pdf

​Steven Pasternak, Bergen County Supervisor of Child Study: 201-336-6875
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN)
Protection and Advocacy Inc. 800-922-7233
Child Find
The South Bergen school districts, of which Hasbrouck Heights is a member, participate in Child Find, a statewide program to locate and provide services for children ages 2-21 years who may have physical, mental, learning or emotional difficulties. Screening, professional guidance and an education program, if needed, are provided free through the local public schools.
Parent concerns for children ages 3-5 might include a child that does not play, is unusually quiet or overactive, seems to have a vision or hearning problem or may have difficulty in learning to speak, walk, self help skills, etc.
Parent concerns for children 5-21 might include significant lags in academic, social/emotional development and/or physical difficulties.
For more information, please contact the Department of Special Services at the telephone number listed above.​
Board of Education:: 201-288-6150 Euclid: 201-393-8176 Lincoln: 201-393-8182 Middle School: 201-393-8170 High School: 201-393-8190