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Hasbrouck Heights Schools
Referendum Presentation 



Referendum Meeting Dates

​The Hasbrouck Heights School District will be having a
Bond Referendum on March 8th to upgrade the heating
and HVAC systems at all the district's schools.

The district will be making presentations regarding the referendum on the following dates and locations:

Tuesday, February 9th - 7:30 pm HS/MS Auditorium
Joint P.T.A meeting

Tuesday, February 9th - 8:30 pm Town Council Meeting
at Boro Hall

Wednesday, February 10th - 1:00 pm at the Senior Center
at the Municipal Building

Doctrine of Necessity
Wellness and Nutrition
PARCC State Results

October 22, 2015

To all Hasbrouck Heights Schools Parents and Guardians:

Below please find the results of the PARCC test that was
administered in the spring of 2015. These scores are the
overall percentages for the State. District averages and
individual student scores have not yet been released by
the State Department of Education. We will keep you
apprised of their release.


Dr. Matthew Helfant, Superintendent of Schools



Trenton, NJ – The Christie Administration today announced
statewide PARCC assessment results, making good on its promise
to provide parents and educators with a more accurate
measurement of students' progress on the path to success after
high school.

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and
Careers (PARCC) assessment, which replaced the New Jersey
Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJASK) and High School
Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) in English language arts and
mathematics, asks students to demonstrate and apply their
knowledge and skills by utilizing critical thinking, analytical
writing, and problem solving.

"We promised parents an honest assessment regarding their
children's readiness to succeed in school and to graduate ready
to meet the challenges of college or a career," said Education
Commissioner David C. Hespe. "PARCC delivers on that promise.
For the first time in more than 30 years, we have a test that is
designed to actually improve instruction in our schools."

Setting a New Baseline, Focusing on the Future

The scores released today set a new baseline and cannot be
compared to previous scores from now outdated exams that
reflected different, lower-level knowledge and skills. Whenever a
new test is introduced, there is a period of adjustment as teachers
and students become acclimated to the new standards and assessments. 

"This first year's results show there is still much work to be done
in ensuring all of our students are fully prepared for the 21st
century demands of college and career," said Commissioner Hespe. 

Summary of New Jersey's 2015 PARCC Outcomes

English Language Arts

 Not Yet Meeting
(Level 1)
(Level 2)
(Level 3)
(Level 4)
Exceeding Expectations (Level 5)
Grade 3 15% 18% 24% 39% 5%
Grade 4 8% 15% 27% 39% 12%
Grade 5 7% 15% 26% 45% 6%
Grade 6 8% 16% 28% 40% 9%
Grade 7 11% 15% 23% 34% 18%
Grade 8 12% 15% 22% 39% 13%
Grade 9 18% 19% 24% 30% 9%
Grade 10 26% 18% 20% 25% 11%
Grade 11 17% 19% 24% 30% 11%



 Not Yet Meeting
(Level 1)
(Level 2)
(Level 3)
(Level 4)
Exceeding Expectations (Level 5)
Grade 3 8% 19% 28% 37% 8%
Grade 4 7% 22% 30% 36% 4%
Grade 5 6% 21% 32% 35% 6%
Grade 6 8% 21% 30% 35% 6%
Grade 7 8% 22% 33% 33% 4%
Grade 8* 22% 26% 28% 23% 1%
Algebra I 14% 25% 25% 33% 3%
Geometry 32% 25% 20% 22% 2%
Algebra II 12% 36% 30% 20% 3%

Numbers for charts may not total 100% due to rounding.
* Note: Approximately 30,000 New Jersey students participated
in the PARCC Algebra I assessment while in middle school.
Thus, PARCC Math 8 outcomes are not representative of
grade 8 performance as a whole.

Results from the PARCC assessment go beyond the old
exams by providing parents with greater detail for each
subject in which their child is excelling or may need support.

"We expect the scores to give parents a useful assessment of
where their children are, and we encourage parents to use the
individual score reports to work with teachers to support their
children's development," said New Jersey Parent Teacher
Association President Rose Acerra. "We all know that our
children are much more than a single score, but the assessment
results will present an opportunity to help our students
reach higher achievement levels than we ever thought possible."

As results from future assessments are returned to school
districts and parents much sooner, Commissioner Hespe
noted how school leaders can use the data to improve
instruction. For instance, teachers whose students struggle
in a certain area may benefit from targeted professional
development. Educators will soon be able to review large
numbers of actual test questions, including how they were
evaluated, which can help guide classroom instruction more
toward critical-thinking and problem-solving skills the test demands.  

"For local boards of education, the 2015 PARCC data can
serve as an important starting point for an ongoing discussion
about improving instruction," said Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod,
executive director of the New Jersey School Boards Association.
"We urge our members to work with their administrative teams
and teaching staffs to use this information to identify the
strengths and weaknesses of curriculum and to ensure
that professional development is aligned with the learning
needs of their students."

Free and Reduced Price Lunch Application
15-16 Keys Application



District Registration 

Registration of new students entering grades K-5 takes place Monday through Friday at the Board of Education Office, 379 Boulevard from:

8:30 – 11:30 a.m.


Please contact Mrs. Diane Van Hook, District Registrar, at 201-393-8361 with any questions.
Please contact the Middle/High School for registration of new students entering grades 6-12, at 201-393-8164

Registration Forms 
Re-Registration Forms (grades 3, 6, 9)



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