• College Application Process

    Student Component

    • Make sure you are registered for Naviance and have your login username and password.
    • Request your letter of recommendation from your school counselor in person and give them the date of your first deadline. Then fill out the online survey on Naviance called ‘Senior Brag Sheet’ by clicking on the ‘About Me’ tab and then you will find it under ‘My Surveys.’ Have your parents fill out the student brag sheet for counselor letter (parent version) and return to your counselor. Copies in the guidance office.
    • Request your letter of recommendation from your teachers and after confirming with them, formally request the letter through Naviance under the ‘Colleges’ tab through ‘Letters of Recommendation’. It is your responsibility to follow up and make sure they are uploaded.
    • Finalize your college list and add them to your Naviance under ‘Colleges I’m Applying To’.
    • If you are using the Common App, register, enter your high school information, and add your Common App colleges to the account. Then sign the FERPA Release Authorization in your account.  Finally, go into your Naviance under the ‘Colleges’ tab and under ‘Colleges I’m Applying To’ and ‘Match Accounts’ using your email and date of birth.
    • Request test scores from your SAT/ACT account to be sent to your colleges. The school counselors DO NOT sent standardized test scores. Colleges require official copies sent directly from the testing agencies and will not accept them from your high school.
    • Complete and submit your applications. If you are using Common App, each application is submitted separately for each school.
    • Request your transcript package (transcript, letters of recommendation, secondary reports) to be sent from your school by filling out the pink ‘Transcript Request Form’ for each college. They must be signed by student and parent and received at least two weeks prior to your deadline. We have copies in the guidance office.

    Counselor Component

    • Counselor will send your Official Transcript (including courses in progress), a counselor recommendation, the School Profile, and a Secondary School Report for each college application requested (each pink ‘Transcript Request Form’ received).
    • Counselor will send your mid-year reports to colleges (mid-February).
    • Counselor will send your final transcript to the college you will attend (late June).

    Teacher Component

    • Teachers will write and upload into Naviance your recommendation letters and supporting forms. It is your responsibility to request the letter at least two weeks prior to any deadline. Make sure to thank your teachers!



    Other Important Information

    Please read below for important information you will need to know when completing your applications:

    • HHHS School CEEB Code:  310510    
    • Hasbrouck Heights High School
      • 365 Boulevard                           
      • Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604
      • Phone:  201-288-6150
      • Fax:  201-288-2083
    • Class of 2019 Size: Approximately 139
    • Ranking System: HHHS uses a weighted “Decile Ranking” system. It is on your transcript in the bottom right hand corner. For example, if you have a number “1” you are in the top 10%, a number “5” is in the top 50%, a number “10” is top 100%.
    • GPA: Our GPAs are weighted on a 5.3 scale (if this is not an option, use 5.0). Your cumulative GPA can be found in Naviance and on your Transcript (bottom right). We do not unweight your GPA; however schools may do so.
    • All classes are “College Prep” academic level unless otherwise indicated as honors/Dual Enrollment/AP on the transcript. All 5-6 credit classes are full-year courses and all 2.5 credit classes are semester courses.
    • You must use your legal name on your college applications. Your name must appear the same in Genesis, Naviance and when you register for the SAT/ACT/SAT Subject/AP Tests.
    • Materials will arrive in the colleges admissions offices at different times because they are coming from different places. This is OK!
    • There is typically a delay in the admissions office (this means even electronic transcripts). They take a long time pull off their server, register the materials as ‘received’ and match them up with your student account. It is not unusual for 2-3 weeks to pass before your account will show the transcript is there.