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Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,


This year we are so excited to announce that our summer reading will be a school read.  Yes, the entire school (students entering 9-12) will be reading the same book. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


We hope that you see the benefits of this activity that will be bringing together our community of teachers and learners around one book.  If we can spark the interest of one student during this read or ignite the passion of another for the injustices that face our world, then we have succeeded.  In September, and then throughout the year, we will reference the themes within the novel and tie them into some of our curricular activities. 


Here is our plan:

Summer Reading: Students are required to read the book over the summer and journal after each section of the book.

This link, will provide the students with ideas for journaling. Students will return with their journals and utilize them for discussions and activities that we incorporate into our programming.

Enjoy the read!



Mrs. Simmons, High School Principal

Mrs. Nicole DeBonis, Director of Curriculum


Frequently asked questions:

Where can my child get a copy of the novel?

HH Library or online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Will the journal be graded?

Students will need the journal to complete activities that may carry a grade

Can by child journal about other topics not stated on the link?

Student can include new words that they discover while reading. They can compare themselves to the characters, look up information on the author, etc..

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